Heather Shoemaker, Out of Doors

Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming loves that there are so many great things to do in her adopted home state. She is an attorney based out of the city of Cheyenne and her work means long, hard hours and tireless dedication to her clients and the law. This explains why she breaks away whenever possible to be in the great outdoors. She loves camping, canoeing, horse back riding and many more activities that she does with her family of three kids and one physically fit husband. For example, camping in Wyoming is great. There are many choices for campers including windy, flat prairie reservoirs, river areas, fishing spots and colder high-elevation locations like those in and around the area of the city of Laramie. Most popular are the spots that feature mild days and cool nights in the summer. Many a campfire breaks out across the state in the summer time. Most camping spots offer water, wildlife, hiking, climbing and recreation. Needless to say, as Shoemaker and her family are so active in the outdoor life, they have a variety of camping gear to speak of. Lanterns, coolers, tents, portable heat and much more are part of any good camper’s arsenal of equipment. Some of her favorite brands are Coleman and Spalding. They always make sure to bring along a guitar and harmonica to sing a few songs while they’re out there as well, because why not and the kids love it too. The children love to bring along a camera with them because they always see something that is interesting to photograph and maybe talk about in class with their friends.



Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming – Exercise Serious

Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming is a Cheyenne based attorney that has a long history of success and professional excellence. She is well respected by the legal community and by the many people she has had the opportunity work for and work with in over ten years in the service to the community. She works hard at keeping her mind sharp and also works just as hard on keeping her fitness at a great level. One of the activities she engages in is a growing sport in this country called Crossfit.

Heather Shoemaker Wyoming

CrossFit is an intense exercise program that is not for the faint of heart. It uses a variety of exercises such as plyometric jumps and dead lifts. That is just one of the programs she participates in. She also likes to incorporate non-traditional weightlifting equipment such as sand-bags and kettle bells and sand-bags. It takes good form and strength to do these kinds of lifts efficiently and without injury at her maximum level.

She attends these classes at Flat Mountain CrossFit in Cheyenne. They have all the equipment and gear she needs to take on these challenges and drive to improve her fitness.   She also lets loose on two wheels as she likes to take on biking challenges. She trains around the year on her road and mountain bikes, always driving and progressively challenging herself to go just a little bit faster through a course or up a hill. That’s the kind of spirit of improving herself that she has and she works hard on maintaining her focus in these athletic endeavors and extremely serious exercising.