Heather Shoemaker Wyoming – High Activity

Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming is a successful attorney that is based out of Cheyenne. She has a great history in this city and a remarkable record of legal activities over an esteemed ten year career. She is known for her skill in the courtroom and with her clients. This is a high stress, high stakes and high activity kind of work environment, and the action never stops, even when she is not in the actual courtroom.

Heather Shoemaker Wyoming  spends countless hours in research, documentation, consulting with clients, consulting with other attorneys, consulting with judges and the list goes on and on. Nonetheless, she balances this extremely taxing lifestyle with her equally extreme stable home life. She is a mother, a wife and a role model for the community. Not only does she contribute to the neighborhood schools and that whole world of activities that surrounds it, she is active in community causes that stir her values such as education, leadership and awareness.

When the stress of work gets high, she also makes sure to make the time to spend with her family. Each and every opportunity is one that somehow involves being with them in a number of activities that typically involve the outdoors. Wyoming is one of the union’s greatest and most beautiful states and it has no shortage of outdoor activities, sites and Shoemaker regularly takes advantage of the great outdoors by taking her family on the most incredible experiences such as hiking, biking, canoeing, camping, backpacking and more.