Heather Shoemaker Wyoming: Avid Outdoors Women

Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming enjoys the outdoors. When she is not working at her law practice or spending time with her three young children, she is riding horses and canoeing. Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming loves any type of sports that pushes the physical limits. Every afternoon after work, Heather Shoemaker attends a local CrossFit class at a nearby gym.


Heather Shoemaker Wyoming

Heather Shoemaker Wyoming

CrossFit is an intense exercise program that uses a variety of exercises such as plyometric jumps and dead lifts. Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming goes to a class that also likes to incorporate non-traditional weightlifting equipment such as sand-bags and kettle bells and sand-bags. According to Heather Shoemaker, CrossFit is one of the most intense workouts she has ever experienced. She says it always challenges you to push the limits and go outside your comfort zone.

The class that Heather Shoemaker attends at Flat Mountain CrossFit strives to challenge all its participants to workout with high-repetitions at low-weights. She likes that she gets an intense workout in a short period. Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming says that she is in the best shape of her life due to this class. She sees a lot of people in her class that try to challenge each other to see who can get the best times. Usually these people are highly competitive at everything they do. The thing I like the most about CrossFit, says Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming, is that if you do the workout the way they tell you to, you are guaranteed to get in shape.


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