Heather Shoemaker Wyoming: Experienced in Criminal Law

Heather Shoemaker is an experienced criminal lawyer that practices in the city of Cheyenne, Wyoming. She specializes in both criminal and civil rights law. She attended the University of Wyoming, and received her law degree in 2004. Just a year later Heather Shoemaker was admitted to the Wyoming Bar. Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming finally started her own law practice in 2007. She is a respected law professional in Wyoming. Besides being a star lawyer, she is a loving wife and mother to three young children.

Heather Shoemaker Wyoming

Heather Shoemaker Wyoming

Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming works as an attorney in Cheyenne, where she practices criminal and civil rights law. She feels that its very important to also stay well informed on changes in legal procedures. She loves civil rights cases, because it’s something that she feels very strongly about.. Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming received her A.A. degree from the University of Wyoming and her law degree from its College of Law.

When now working hard at her law practice, Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming likes to take in the outdoors. When she is not working at her law practice or spending time with her three young children, she is riding horses and canoeing. Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming loves any type of sports that pushes the physical limits. Every afternoon after work, Heather Shoemaker attends a local CrossFit class at a nearby gym. She feels that staying active really helps her release the stress that she takes on from work. She also likes that Crossfit constantly challenges you to go beyond your limits.


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