Heather Shoemaker Wyoming: Civil Rights Cases

Heather Shoemaker Wyoming (22)Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming has been practicing law for about ten years now. She attended the University of Wyoming College of Law and received her Juris Doctorate early in 2004. She was admitted to the Wyoming bar that same year, and joined the Law Offices of Vernon Dill as an Associate.


Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming left Vernon Dill at the end of 2006, and after practicing out of her home for about six months opened a small law office in downtown Cheyenne. She specializes in criminal and civil rights law. “I never feel more American than when I have a civil rights case,” she says. “There’s a lot of discrimination in the world ­– there always has been and I guess there always will be. So when I am able to do something about it, well – it’s a good feeling.”

Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming has most often represented civil rights cases involving race discrimination, sexual harassment, and fair housing, but has also had a few cases of discrimination in employment and false arrest. “There are only certain rights protected under civil rights laws, of course,” she says. “Sometimes what might appear to be a violation of your rights turns out to be perfectly legal. Unethical, perhaps, and immoral. But still legal. So they wouldn’t form the basis for a civil rights case.”

One case that came to her office recently involved a wheelchair-bound man who said he was denied housing in a local apartment building because the landlord didn’t want to have a tenant who was in a wheelchair. “It turned out the landlord was afraid he would have to make all sorts of renovations to the place to accommodate my client, like ramps. He wouldn’t have been required to do any of that, but he was required to rent to my client, who was a qualified applicant.” Heather Shoemaker of Wyoming won the case, and her client was allowed to rent the apartment, although as it turned out he had found another place by the time he case was resolved.


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